3 Reasons Your 401k Is Not Enough for Retirement

Since past decade, the 401(k) has been steadily gaining popularity as a no-brainer, gold standard of retirement plans. Through it, employees make salary reduction contributions, which is either on a post-tax or a pre-tax basis. It normally has caps with a regulation limit of allowed percentage of salary contributions. It also has restrictions on the account holder’s ability to withdraw these assets or when they can do without incurring a tax penalty. Hence it certainly is not the bedrock retirement plan as touted. Some of the reasons why it should not be considered a total panacea of your retirement are –

Unconscious and Ignorant Investment

The biggest issue with the plan is that it is voluntary. It is up to each individual to decide on whether he would participate and how much and in what way, he would. This inevitably leads to the unaware and ignorant employee making a critically bad decision of his life.

No Cash Flow for Better Opportunities

In this plan, one simply puts the money away. For the next 30 years, touching it may attract penalty. This creates stagnant money left to compound unpredictably. Hence no cash flow is made ready which can be used to direct to today’s best uses. Hence better opportunities of better wealth accumulation are allowed to slip by.

No Liquidity

Early or emergency withdrawals from 401(k) attract penalties unless one knows to safely navigate obscure IRS codes. Thus one cannot spend or invest one’s own money to enrich your life without incurring a sizable financial hit and great difficulty. Sole exception is borrowing a limited amount of money from it with the promise if repaying it back within 60 days. Thus one cannot liquidate his own assets when he may need it during an extremely critical juncture of his life.

Hence it’s best to be a conscious investor and weigh all pros and cons before moving ahead.…

Retirement Calculators- Your Way to Lead a Good Living

When it is about retirement, the famous quote by Gene Perret is worthy to remember, “I am now as free as the breeze – with roughly the same income”. But when people are approaching towards their retirements, there is a general tendency to feel insecure about the source of income and uncertainty of future. There is a group of people who often think whether they are financially secured for their retirement life or not. But retirement should be treated as the rewarding time of one’s life. If planned properly before time, it can be one of the most relaxing times to enjoy life.


Retirement Planning

Most of the people work hard throughout the two-third of their lives to earn money and achieve their goals. When they are taking so much of stress and pain to be successful, they are worthy to lead a stress-free successful life after their retirements. In order to lead a successful retired life, one must follow a retirement planning to utilize the savings and funds in the proper way so that he never has to be worried about his livings. In this place, retirement calculator plays a vital role.


About Retirement Calculator

Retirement calculators are effective to make savings and investing strategies. By using it people are able to foresee their retirement years. Thus they can decide how much they need to save in terms of getting benefits in their retired life. These retirement calculators are effective to create a perfect retirement planning. There are several websites covering up the retirement related issues include the retirement calculator in their features and visitors can use it free of charge.

retirement calculator

Using of Retirement Calculator

The use of these calculators is not at all difficult. Generally, the instructions of using it have been provided by the websites. Here the users should keep in mind that not all the calculators have same input requirements, hence they need to follow instructions properly. The basic information required by these calculators are-

  • Current Savings– The total amount of savings an individual has set for his retirement.
  • Annual Retirement Income– It is the calculation that one need to know how much amount he requires once he retires (after tax). He needs to calculate all the living expenses for an annum and this amount should not be lesser than 70% of the present income in order to maintain the present living standard.
  • Annual Yield– Here one needs to include the expected rates of return. It is suggested to consult through the prospectus for mutual funds or stocks.
  • Other Income– Amounts spending for social security, external source of income or employment funded pension plans are required to input here.
  • Inflation Rate– The average of expected annual inflation rate is needed to be included for encompassing the remaining working period and retirement years.
  • Current Age
  • Current Tax Rate
  • Retirement Age– The user needs to add his official retirement age.
  • Retirement Tax Rate – Here the expected tax bracket is

What Is a Gold IRA Rollover?

When an individual holds a retirement account or an investment portfolio, where the chances of getting biased with stocks, bonds or other assets with the bound of dollars, he or she may consider to convert some parts to bullion coins and bars in order to protect against the inflation, economic uncertainty or currency debasement. Here the investors have option to simple transfer of funds from an IRA (individual retirement arrangement) to Gold IRA. But a much safer and tax-advantaged way for moving the retirement savings is gold IRA rollover.

Why Gold IRA Rollover Is So Important?

Gold is always considered as the symbol of prosperity and wealth and that’s why people consider to choose gold IRA rollover. There are myriad reasons behind the importance of it. But the primary reason is the rarity of gold. Due to its value and scarcity, people think as the investment in gold as a solid hedge

against the difficulties of the marketplace and uncertainties of the paper currencies. Therefore, turning the 401k into the gold IRA rollover is increasingly popular among the investors who are looking for diversify and safeguard their retirement accounts. It can provide the protection against the possibility of inflation, deflation or monetary devaluation. Another reason is the stock market volatility from where the gold IRA rollover provides security.

Advantages of Gold IRA Rollover

Transferring a 401k or any other retirement vehicle into the gold investment helps the investors to protect themselves. Actually the health of the economy is indicated by the gold price. When there are the possibility of threat on international economic stability or poor economic condition, the gold price tends to raise. In such times, the investors prefer to buy gold (may be in the form of stocks or part of gold IRA rollover) as a protection against the weakening currencies or economic disturbance. By going through the last 10 years record, it will be cleared that gold tends to increase its value more than 400% even during the time of low inflammation.

By going through the gold IRA retirement rollover guide, an individual investor can keep a hedge against the economic upheavals as well as he will be able to save his money on tax end. Generally the highest tax bracket for removing funds from standard 401k or IRA is 36.6%. As gold is considered as a collectible by the IRS, any kind of profit for its sale is taken as capital gain that faces 28% tax.

If you are looking for a trusted gold IRA retirement rollover guide, you must visit http://thegoldrushexchange.com/gold-ira-rollover/ and in order to find the right gold IRA rollover company you should visit http://thegoldrushexchange.com/best-rated-gold-ira-company-reviews/ where you will be able to do some research for your Gold Ira retirement plan or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Rules of Gold IRA Rollover

Before shifting the retirement saving for a gold IRA rollover, it is essential to go through the right kind of gold IRA rollover guide that will provide …

Things You Might Not Know About Retirement – 2015

Nowadays, most Americans are poorly arranged for retirement. As indicated by a study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, just 22 percent of laborers were sure they would have enough cash in retirement.

Add to that the diverse emotions about retirement, and you have numerous feelings about how more established grown-ups will and ought to spend their later years.things_you_might_not_know_about_retirement

Whether you’re as of now getting a charge out of retirement, or arranging ahead for it, here are a couple of things you won’t not think about retirement.

Retirement Doesn’t Mean Reduced Living

At the point when numerous individuals consider retirement, the picture that rings a bell is somebody sitting in their home, developing old. Be that as it may, retirement now is significantly more than a stage in a more established grown-up’s life.

Take Barbara Beskind. At 91 years old, Barbara isn’t investing energy in the sofa sewing. Rather she’s working at her fantasy employment planning innovation for more seasoned grown-ups.

She generally longed for being a designer or specialist, however couldn’t make her fantasy a reality on the grounds that all the school courses she required were held for men. Subsequent to seeking after another occupation and twice attempting to resign, Barbara was attracted to her present business in the wake of watching a meeting on an hour.

Presently, she goes through her Thursdays working with a configuration group at the Silicon Valley office of outline firm IDEO.

Retirement Can Mean Big Discounts

Granted, there are the blue plate specials and timely riser rebates connected with resigned grown-ups. However, joining associations like AARP that oblige retirees can bring about huge rebates on a great deal more than a supper.

Individuals from these gatherings regularly see rebates on airfare, voyage boat tickets and school courses. Exploiting your age can net you extensive rebates, which can help you to extend your retirement reserve funds.

Retirement Can Provide Endless Opportunities

One thing retirement isn’t short on is time. In any case, it’s dependent upon you how you benefit as much as possible from it, says blogger Dave Bernard. Pondering what to do with your extra time? Take these pointers from Bernard:

● Exercise. On the off chance that your timetable was similar to most living up to expectations grown-ups’, you likely discovered yourself dashing to fit in a day by day workout. With the time retirement gives, now you can work out without needing to fight the after-or before-work rec center group. On the other hand maybe you’ve for the longest time been itching to attempt that turning class toward the evening, yet your work duties made it unthinkable. Presently you can all the more viably incorporate activity into your day, while procuring its long haul advantages.

● Unleash your innovative side. Since you’re no more practicing your psyche at work, Bernard recommends you find different approaches to let your inventive juices stream. These can incorporate taking workmanship courses, doing your most loved riddles or recreations, or composing or drawing. The conceivable …